In 1942, with the country fighting wars in Europe and the Pacific, Homewood could no longer ignore the fact that Shades Cahaba was getting a little old in the tooth, and it would have to be replaced in the next decade. Not to mention that it was very crowded. It was time for a new Shades Cahaba.

This will be the last regularly scheduled episode in this series. My goal was to continue at least through the end of the school year but with coronavirus and with the social isolation, it is making it harder to interview people. This seems like a good place to stop.

The school opened it’s doors 100 years ago this September so I plan to post stories on the blog leading up to that day. If an opportunity comes up for a good interview I will certainly do them and you will see them in your social media feeds.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported this podcast. I have a more extensive thank you at the end of this episode.