From the Shades Cahaba PTO:

In celebration of the 100th Birthday of our school building, the students of Shades Cahaba put their heads and research skills together to give a name to the owl that has watched over his countless students.  Historian, Shawn Wright, created a video depicting the unique and mysterious history of the wise bird.  After watching the video, each class nominated a name for our owl to carry him through the next century.  What’s in a name? If you don’t know the history of the Shades Cahaba Owl, take a few minutes to watch Shawn’s video to learn about his mysterious adventure! All submissions were considered, and three finalists were determined.The finalists of submitted names are:


Theodore Smith was a nursery-man, florist, and landowner who is responsible for naming the area of Rosedale.  With the help of Smith, Rosedale was considered a city for a brief time with Theodore Smith listed at the mayor of Rosedale. The class wanted to give him a name that would give a nod to the historic neighborhood that greatly impacts the identity of our school.


In 1949, the owl was removed from the top of Shades Cahaba when Shades Valley High School was built. It was forgotten and put into storage for many years before being privately sold. It was found in the 1970’s on Wellington Road. The class thought Wellington sounded like a great name for an owl!


James Mayfield Ward was the first principal of Shades Cahaba. He served the school for 23 years and went by “Mayfield.”  The class wanted to pay tribute to the school’s first principal.


In THE MOST important election of the past century, the Shades Cahaba Owl has a name! It was a tight race, but the winner is….