When I started the Shades Cahaba Oral History Project, I not only wanted to share the history of the school and the area with you, but I was going to be learning the history myself. It’s a journey of discovery for all of us. With that in mind, I knew early on that I was going to make mistakes and get things wrong, and the best way to set the record straight was to fess up and post it in a series I call “Shawn Wright Was Wrong!”

Last week on a Facebook group, we talked about Principal Leland Cobb and when he taught at Shades Cahaba. I initially thought he took over from R.B. Nichols in the early 60s. The group was convinced he started in the 1950s. I went back to a personal class history from Don Harbor for the real date. He started at the beginning of Don’s 4th-grade year, better known as 1951.

I wish I had looked a little harder before we produced banners for the Shades Cahaba Centennial celebration held this past Sunday, October 13th. As shown in this example, R.B. Nichols was Principal from 1944 until 1951 when Leland Cobb took over. Next time you see the banners on display, rest assured that we know the dates are wrong.

Be looking for the next installment of “Shawn Wright Was Wrong!” I am sure it will involve grammar or spelling.