In this inaugural episode, we sit down with Shades Cahaba Elementary School Principal Dr. John Lowry. He lets us know what has been happening at Shade Cahaba. Then we take him to school and learn about the principals who served before him. We also talk about Shades Valley (the land, not the school) and talk about schools in Jefferson County before Shades Cahaba.


Shades Cahaba Way

  • Speak for yourself… and other when needed.
  • Listen to others… and they will listen to ou.
  • Avoid putdowns… who needs them?
  • Take charge of yourself… you are responsible for you.
  • Show respect… everyone is important.
  • Have fun… life is a gift.

The Centennial Celebration will be held at Shades Cahaba Elementary School on October 13, 2019. Watch the Facebook page for more information. Better yet, join the group and get updates.

Principal John Lowry – Episode 1 | Shades Cahaba Oral History Project