This is my second conversation episode with former Homewood High School Principal and Superintendent Michael Gross. In the first episode, we talked about the school system’s beginning, the opening of the high school, and the unique challenges he faced. 

We had a long conversation, so I removed all the mentions of athletics and produced an episode with those outtakes. We talked about the first coach and where Homewood played its first football games. 

Money was tight, but there were people in the community that made things easier. From a benevolent sporting goods dealer to a super fan to a booster club and community that rallied around the school to start things off the right way. 

Finally, we discuss how the championship football team had to win in court before they could ever win the championship at Legion Field. 

This would be a good time to remind you to keep an eye out for the book “Fighting Patriots. The first three years of Homewood High School Football” which will be published this spring. You can listen to episode 15 with Wade Kirkpatrick to learn more about the book.