I received this great photo from Homewood resident Jeff Underwood. It is the Shades Cahaba basketball team from about 1964. Jeff believes that the school team may have been sponsored by the YMCA and that is why it is on the S on the letterman’s jacket. 

The team is left to right, Pat O’Hara, Paul Sims, Jeff Owen, John Pratt, Jeff Underwood, and Will Binzel. Coach is Jack Hare who may have been a college student at this time and later had somewhat of a singing career in Nashville. 

Shades Cahaba High School colors were red and black and the mascot was the Mounties, both were adopted by the new Shades Valley High School. Jeff Owen, third from the left in the photo, became a star basketball player at Shades Valley High School.

Someone mentioned to me that they thought Shades Cahaba Elementary’s school colors were green and white during the 60s and 70s. I remember having a green and white Shades Cahaba t-shirt in the 70s and this letterman’s jacket all but confirms that. There was no Owl mascot during this time because the owl had been removed around 1950 and would not return until 1978.